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Sunny Prep Services & Pricing

In order for us to create shipments and print shipping labels on your behalf, we will need a sub-account on your Amazon Seller account that has ‘Manage FBA Inventory and Shipments’ privileges. We do not see any financial data with this account. We’ll provide full instructions on how to create the sub-account once you complete your sign-up.

If you use InventoryLab or other 3rd party listing tool and would like us to create shipments in there, we’ll need sub-account access with ‘List’ privileges in addition to the Amazon sub-account.

Please inquire before sending any HazMat items.

Liquidation orders – contact us first to check availability.

Retail arbitrage drop-offs are permitted by appointment only.

Online arbitrage, Retail arbitrage, Wholesale and Private Label Welcome!

PREP FEES [ Quantity discounts available. See below. ]

  • Set-up Fee – $25.00 – (Includes $25 credit towards services) [ This is a one-time setup fee that is required to activate, setup and test your accounts. ]
  • Basic Pack/Prep/Ship – $1.00 per item
    • Includes – Inspection, Pricetag Removal or Covering (if needed), UPC covering, Labeling with Barcode and Expiration Date, Entering data into InventoryLab and/or Amazon, Packing Materials, Printing Shipping Label from Amazon and the cost of the Shipping Box (Actual shipping charges from our location to Amazon are billed to your Amazon account by Amazon.) We have a 20 item per Amazon Shipment minimum.
  • Shoe Prep – $1.50 per pair
    • Includes Basic Pack/Prep/Ship plus extra inspection required for shoes, minor marker and/or marking removal, tying laces on each shoe, making sure sizes match and minor cleaning of shoe bottoms.
    • Includes rubber banding OR poly bagging shoes. Your choice.
  • Bundling – $2.00 per bundle [ All items must fit in a single poly bag up to 20″ x 30″. No more than 10 individual items. Includes the poly bag and Basic Pack/Prep/Ship services. ]
  • Book Prep – $1.25 per book. [ Includes Condition Grading and Inspection. ]

EXTRAS [ Added to Prep fees Listed Above ]

  • Shared Spreadsheet Listing Creation – $0.25 per item [ This fee will apply if you would like us to add the items to the shared spreadsheet instead of you. ]
  • Amazon Listing Creation (Product exists in Amazon Catalog) – $0.25 per item [ This fee will apply if we need to create listings for you. Does NOT apply to users of InventoryLab, Accelerlist or other 3rd party tool that creates them automatically. ]
  • Less than minimum shipment to Amazon – $5.00 [ If you need to ship in a shipment to Amazon that is less than 20 units, this fee will apply. ]
  • Polybagging – $0.50 per item [ As needed. ]
  • Suffocation Labels – $0.25 per item [ For pre-packaged items in Ziplock bags or pre-polybagged items that lack a suffocation label. As needed to meet Amazon requirements. ]
  • Bubblewrap Items (Small) – $1.00 per item [ Bubblewrapping if required for glass, bottles and ceramic items. Longest side is less than 10″.]
  • Bubblewrap Items (Large) – $2.50 per item [ If longest side is between 10″ and 18″, this fee will apply.]
  • Bubblewrap Items (Extra Large) – Please inquire [ If any side is larger than 18″. ]
  • Bubble and Box (Small) – $2.00 per item [ Recommended for coffee cups and other delicate items. Bubble wrap item and place in an individual box that we provide. Longest side less than 7″ ]
  • Bubble and Box (Large) – $3.00 per item [ Bubble wrap and place in a box that we provide. Longest side between 7″ and 12″ ]
  • Shrinkwrap Small – $0.50 per item [ Longest side is less than 10″.]
  • Shrinkwrap Large – $1.00 per item [ Longest side is 10″ or more / No more than 18″ ]
  • Oversized Item Surcharge – $1.00 per item [ Any item that has a longest side of more than 12″ but less than 22″]
  • Tape/Seal Packages – $0.10 per item [ If “Taping” is required by Amazon, this extra fee applies. ]
  • Larger Oversized Item Surcharge – $5.00 per item [ Any item that has a longest side of more than 22″ but less than 36″ ]
  • Largest Oversized Item Surcharge – $10.00 per item [ Any item that has a longest side of more than 36″ up to 48″]
  • Overweight Item Surcharge – $2.50 per item [ For individual items weighing between 5 pounds and 10 pounds. ]
  • Heavy Item Surcharge – $5.00 per item [ For individual items weighing more than 10 pounds, but less than 20 pounds. ]
  • Heavier Item Surcharge – $12.00 per item [ For individual items weighing between 20 and 49 pounds. ]
  • Gigantic Item Surcharge – $25.00 up to 100 pounds, then $25.00 extra for every 50 pounds over 100. [ For individual items weighing more than 49 pounds ]
  • Resealable Tape – $0.25 per item [ For loose items or open box lids that need to be sealed closed with a resealable tape to prevent damage to the packaging. ]
  • Security Tag Removal – $0.25 per tag [ Any items that require the removal of a magnetic anti-theft or security tag device.]
  • Receipt Reconciliation – $0.25 per item [ Any arbitrage items that require us to reference a receipt for pricing information. ]


  • Monthly Storage Fees – $0.40 per cubic foot (Standard or Oversized) January – September / $1.00 per cubic foot (Standard or Oversized) October – December. [ Fees are due for any inventory being held whether FBA or merchant-fulfilled. ]
  • Long-Term Storage Fees – $8 per cubic foot (Standard or Oversized) [ This will be billed every 6 months for inventory that has been in storage 6 months or longer. This is in addition to the Monthly Storage Fees. ]
  • Damaged or Returned item processing – $5.00 per return [ Up to 10 items. More than 10 items, add 25 cents per item in excess of 10. If we receive a damaged item from your vendor or need to return an item on your behalf, this fee will apply instead of the Pack/Prep/Ship fee. This covers the time spent printing the return label, boxing it up, and shipping it out. There is a 50 cents per item fee to dispose of the damaged item if you request us to do so. ]
  • Amazon Return Processing – $2.00 per item [ To process and inspect Amazon customer returns. Does not include Basic Prep if items need to be sent back into Amazon. ]
  • Return Item to Client – $1.00 per item [ In the event an item is not able to be listed on Amazon, this fee will apply to any items returned back to the client. If item has already been prepped and labeled, regular Prep fee will apply. ]
  • Order fulfillment – $3.00 per order, plus $1.25 per item [ If we are holding your inventory, we can also fulfill your orders for places like or Ebay. You send us the order and we’ll print the labels, box and ship to the customer. You will need to provide the shipping label. Please review Monthly and Long-Term Storage Fees.]
  • Pictures for Product Listings – $7.00 per sku [ We’ll take a minimum of 10 pictures of your item or bundle to be used on your product listing. These will be unedited and should be cleaned up and cropped with a background remover. ]
  • Listing Creation with Photos / NO EDITING – $10.00 per sku [ We’ll create the listing with basic copy (you can provide) and add a minimum of 6 unedited photos to your listing. These will be taken on a white background but we will not edit them or clean-up any further. ]
  • Listing Creation with Photos – $25.00 per listing [ We’ll create the listing basic copy (you can provide) as well as take and edit the necessary photos for the listing using background removal tools. ]
  • Listing Creation without Photos – $7.00 per listing [ We’ll create the listing with copy and photos that you provide.]
  • Pallet Receiving Fee – $35.00 per pallet [ Covers the extra time and labor required to receive, inspect and unload a pallet.]
  • Palletize Shipment for LTL – $35.00 per pallet [ Covers the cost of the pallet, shrinkwrap and extra labor required to prep the pallet for shipment. ]
  • Liquidation Orders – $2.00 per item [ Inspect and condition grade each item. Prep and Ship items to Amazon that are in acceptable condition. Order fulfillment, poly bagging, bubblewrapping, oversized, overweight and disposal is additional. NOTE: Please contact us first to check availability. Large liquidation orders can take 6 to 8 weeks to process. ]
  • Packing List Copies – $2.00 per packing list [ If you need copies of a packing list or invoice, this fee will apply per packing list or invoice copy. We will send you a photo of the requested packing list or invoice, if available. Packing Lists are only held for 60 days and not all packages contain them. Please inquire if you need longer term storage of packing lists and/or invoices. ]


The following Quantity Discounts are available for using us to prep higher quantities of the same item. (Single Amazon ASIN, books excluded.)
The discount will apply to the Prep Fees and Extras for that item – not the entire invoice.

  • 50 – 100 items of the same ASIN – 5% Off
  • 101 – 250 items of the same ASIN – 10% Off
  • 251 – 500 items of the same ASIN – 15% Off
  • 501 – 1,000 items of the same ASIN – 20% Off
  • 1,001 – 2,000 items of the same ASIN – 25% Off
  • 2,001+ items of the same ASIN – 30% Off

More than 5,000 items? Contact us for a custom quote.